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  1. Hey mate, the S14 in the background is mine. Was checking out the cars, didn't go on the cruise. Any thoughts of doing track days (not drifting), i have done a few, would be good to see another S14 out at Mallala. Getting a GT3071R and supporting mods fitted in two weeks time, should be fun at Mallala.
  2. Hi from SA

    Time to introduce myself, names Mark and I own this S1 200SX you are about to see, nothing to special. When i bought this S14 in 2005 i said to myself that i wouldn't mod it, i had been down that road 10 years ago with an S3 RX7, but them i found this site and my journey started again. I am going for the sleeper look. I want the go but not the show. Have made the standard mods so far e.g. FMIC, 3inch S/S full exhaust using a JunBL muffler, Walpro fuel pump, Nistune, boost T, K&N pod filter with a simple cold air pipe, heavy duty clutch, front and rear sway bars, R33 GTST front calipers, RDA slotted rotors front and rear using EBC green pads with braided brake lines. Had a go at painted the calipers myself turned out okay.Happy with 201RWKW but will possibly upgrade the turbo to a GT3071R along with upgrades to the injectors and AFM. Have just purchased Zenkai rims 17x8+25 with Federal 595RSR tyres, these are for the track only. I did a track day at Mallala couple of months ago, had a ball, needless to say i will be doing more hence the purchase of rims and tyres. Managed a 1:28 which i was happy with considering i was aiming for a 1:30. Going out next weekend hoping for a 1:25. Anyway here's some pics to look at.