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  1. my new s15

    Nice ride man. Ive got the same colour, love it.
  2. 250rwkw Stock turbo?

    By E85 you mean ethanol fuel? Yeh stock T28
  3. 250rwkw Stock turbo?

    Yeh thats on a ADM s15
  4. 250rwkw Stock turbo?

    Ok thanks guys, I was looking to keep the stock turbo on. I was thinking bigger injectors, afm, step 1 cams and fuel pressure reg is as far as i wanna go. So you think im looking at around 220kw? Is that on a stock ecu?
  5. Hey guys. Just wanted to know, Is it possible to get 250rwkw on a standard turbo with fmic and exhaust? Cheers!
  6. To work= toyota hilux Weekends= s15
  7. closed.

    Hey mate, How much for a full kit for a s15 sent to 2570?
  8. I Know this must have asked heaps and heaps, but im looking to buy a intercooler for my S15. I was going to decide on a HDI. Any suggestions?
  9. power at low range in s15

    Hey Shakey, Im Looking into intercoolers for my s15, and before your response i decided on a GREDDY V-SPEC, I thought it would be better to spend the extra rather than getting An M-SPEC. So do you think theres not much differences between V-SPEC and M-SPEC?
  10. Hey, I seen this on carsales when i was looking to buy mine. I ended up deciding on an ADM. Nice buy man!!
  11. Twin Tip or Cannon Varex?

    I just put on a X-Force 3in turbo back with a cannon varex. Looks mad and sounds awsome!!!
  12. closed.

    Hey, How much much for a s15 rear bar sent to 2570?