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  1. **Spotted Thread**

    spotted a white 180 with black bonnet turning onto boulevard from taren point this arvo. didnt catch the plates as was driving past him. but still looked good
  2. **Spotted Thread**

    Post up the pics!!!
  3. **Spotted Thread**

    Yeah I spotted BIG-180 aswell. Looked abit painful.
  4. **Spotted Thread**

    spotted a white s15 with black front end and sik bright pink front wheels at brighton this arvo. didnt catch the plates tho
  5. **Spotted Thread**

    Black 180 this morning comin out of taren point onto taren point rd. BIG-180. I was in the orange datto.
  6. **Spotted Thread**

    Spotted BIG-180 at sans souci thru to Brighton yesterday morning. You were playing catch up with a silver mx5. Wasn't in my car tho:(
  7. **Spotted Thread**

    Hahaha. What's wrong with the HIDs mate? Little but brighter than the original candles I had for headlights.
  8. **Spotted Thread**

    Followed FKD-LAW this morning from Miranda to airport tunnel. Man your car is low. Seen sparks comin off the exhaust plenty times. Looks real nice to hey.
  9. **Spotted Thread**

    pretty sure i spotted rayd last night near the dolphin wall. i knew the cops would be sittin there and wasnt sure if you seen them or not?
  10. **Spotted Thread**

    yeah pretty sure i spotted you mate. wasnt sure if you were on here or not. hahaha dont mind givin a squrt in traffic. makes the shit traffic worth it sometimes
  11. **Spotted Thread**

    was kinda driving with a red s14 with sweet offset and dish on front wheels and looked like stockies on rear with large rear wing through miranda to sutherland.
  12. **Spotted Thread**

    you drive the orange datto man? i own FAT-18T.. nice datto...needs an SR20 though! yeah thats me mate. has got an sr20 champ. de only tho. cant do turbo. cars to light says the rta.
  13. **Spotted Thread**

    spotted red s15 on sat morning at miranda plates FHRX. and this arvo followed FAT-18T red 180sx through airport tunnel and brighton all the way to ramsgate
  14. cruises

    hey guys the Sydney Datsun Club is having a cruise on the 13th March. all are welcome and encouraged. Cruise Sunday 13th march 2011 Cruise to Warragamba Dam All Welcome Have a look at the Map below and see what you think meet point A on the map is a park on elizabeth drive i cant seem to find the name of it? Leaving there 10.00am [MAP] More Details To come after the dam we will probaly head up to the Riff along the river somewere. The club normally gets roughly 45+ cars to cruises and is a good day had by all.
  15. cruises

    so since nothing has happened wondering if anyone is keen for a cruise? not sure where to maybe a friday night or something? lets get some ideas together and make it for a night everyone can make or plan fad ahead people can work it into schedules?