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  1. hey guys, got these wheels second hand anywhere in sydney to take them for repair.
  2. n/a TALK <<

    where did you get the i love crack whore stickers quaigmire, i need one!!
  3. hey guys recently bought these rims from jland and was just wondering it this gutter rash is repairable? and if it is where is the best place to take them?
  4. ECU

    ^^ +1
  5. n/a TALK <<

    Definately agree with es fifteen freak, keto's are an awesome first car. so awesome i had two of them
  6. Modifying S13 interior

    ahh ok sweet, thought they were JDMyo. or something
  7. Modifying S13 interior

    anyone know where you can get those cupholders. (ones that plug into the air vents)
  8. 2 tone S13 ca18det 210 rwkw.

    loving this car. specs on front rims?
  9. n/a TALK <<

    hell yeah chuck up the link. just a quick question was there any flaring involved with fitting the sportsmaxx's
  10. n/a TALK <<

    s13 silviahhm i want to see a pic of your whole car.
  11. damo's 180sx

    nah man, cococola. ahah
  12. damo's 180sx

    og sk8parx fiend
  13. speco gauges

    besides looking heinous has anyone experienced incorrect readings or bad experiences from these gauges.
  14. hey guys just saw a few speco gauges for really cheap. just wondering if anyone has had any problems with them or if i should just stop being a cheapskate and buy some decent ones. cheers
  15. n/a TALK <<

    is that garden lip pop rivetted on??