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  1. Movember

    mine is still going. I went to the party the other night, it was pretty cool and i got my lowes special magnum kit on too. ive uploaded a few photos, heres my link again. Also good effort with your donations ryan My Mo Space
  2. Qantas plane

    There may be cracks somewhere on the aircraft, but not in any of the places where it counts, ie the cabin. Youd be surprised, the cabin is bound to have them due to the repeated fatigue cycle from pressurisation every time the thing takes off and lands. cracks in the wings, cabin etc are monitored and once they hit a critical length the fatigued (cracked) panel will be replaced. its not as if they are huge gaping cracks but depending on the panel they can get reasonably long
  3. JDM Converse

    anything with velcro....especially k26
  4. Qantas plane

    could just be an infant failure depending on how many hours it has flown, otherwise just a random failure could just be one of those things, There really is many possibilities. Anyway, so did you know all aircraft have cracks in them? Statistically you are also at greater risk of dying in a car crash than in a plane crash?
  5. Movember

    Just wondering how many are having a crack at it this year? My MoSpace Im going to try for a magnum pi style mo
  6. Another stolen s15

    flew up from melbourne to steal the car
  7. Wound back kms?

    yeah i think i remember reading about it being edward lees or something
  8. I am currently looking into buying an s15 again and found this add on carsales Car sales black s15 went onto drive and found the same vehicle at an importer in sydney same car but less kms I honestly find it hard to believe that the dealer would keep the add up if the car is gone and I also find it hard to believe someone could drive 20000kms in two months...unless they did a few return trips from syd to melb/brisbane
  9. **Lounge Area**

    i could get 2 35s for the price of a 37. they arent as old as the evo7 though. I like the bodystyling and nice interior. its just a nicer car that still a bit sporty. not as much power as what im used to but that is ok, not really looking for power, its not as if you can really use it either these days given all the cameras etc that are going up/mobile, however should i decide i want power there is a few kits out there that will do the trick. also due to the lack of performance mods means ill actually save my money cos i shouldnt have anything to spend it on
  10. **Lounge Area**

    yeah just on a year. im looking at getting a nissan 350gt.
  11. **Lounge Area**

    Have some stuff for sale s15 bar Evo gear
  12. i have my S15 for sale BUT

    +1 via text and email
  13. 180sx Ferrari

    Pretty sure there was one done here a while back in red. I remember seeing it in a car mag (Possibly HPI) about 2 years ago or so (im pretty sure this is the one -->180 Ferrari. From memory it had the enzo front but the back looked more like the orange one. MR2s look better as ferraris imo -->MR2 Ferrari
  14. **Spotted Thread**

    thanks dude, yeah the exhasut is fairly open and it is still quite tolerable, i was hoping youd give it some up capt cook so i could hear yours...from what ive read on here its got a good rep for having and awesome sound