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  1. Boost Controller Install & Tune

    how much did you get your evc for from them? EVC VI?
  2. Hi, guys, I visited Super Auto Bacs in Tokyo, Japan not too long ago. Here are some pictures I took Enjoy www.realautoparts.com.au - find, buy and sell parts in a few easy clicks!!
  3. Looking at buying Evo 7,8 or 9

    hmmm can't you import S14 JDMs? i thought the ones that had the Silvia badges were JDM here ... aww well, the badges were prolly jdm though lol. Evo 8 MR could come in and prolly the same process. This is really fXXXed up. NZ could get anything they want.
  4. Looking at buying Evo 7,8 or 9

    I got to agree with you - why can't the EVO 9 MR be brought in? I just don't understand. If they can comply Evo 8 MRs, why not the 9MRs? Weird. Anyway, yeah i am too puzzled why the 9MR is using a smaller wheel. Weird.
  5. Looking at buying Evo 7,8 or 9

    1) From best motoring, the 8MR and IX have different turbo designs in terms of the intake. 2) From http://homepage2.nifty.com/lancer/turbo.htm, a) the Evo 8MR turbos are 16G whilst the IX MR run 15G. yes, the evo 8MR do have the same serial as per the EVO IX GSR (not the MR) where both are 16Gs.